Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
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Kid Chef
Welcome to the Contest Page...
This page is Just For U...

Please enter your Recipe's Here... We will be selecting winning Recipe's every month.
Categories are : Baked Goods and Desserts, Single Dishes and / or Meals, Salads, etc.
For guidelines on "Healthy Recipe's please refer to the Food Pyramid in our Magazine.
You may enter individually, or your entire class may enter a recipe.... Winning Recipes will be posted in our Magazine, and winners will receive free muffins that will be sent to your school, for your entire class.
Please come back and vote for your winning choices.

Good Luck!!!

NEW: Starting January 2018: We will be offering a free trip to Disney to the "Have Your Cake Too!" "Monthly Kid".
August's Winner:
All 3 Recipes Tied!

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