Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
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Washington Post Article

A little about the company...

Our mission is simply, "You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!" "Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!" was established in 1998 and went to market in 2000.

For many years people have known and enjoyed the traditional Carrot Cake. In 1997 my children requested that I bake a Carrot Cake. However I discovered various other vegetables in my refrigerator, but no carrots.

At my children's request I replaced the carrots with broccoli. I was so impressed with the results that I expanded the experimentation to include several other wholesome vegetables.

I began a process of field testing my product on family members and friends. Their reaction was favorable. I then tested the product with other acquaintances and potential business associates and continued to receive high praise for the cakes and muffins.

Encouraged by the probable marketability of product, I decided to form a company im 1998 to offer people an opportunity to experience a brand new concept, all natural, nutritious, products in the form of a Vegetable Cake and muffin other than carrot.

My research indicates that the Carrot Cake is the second largest selling cake in the U.S. So why not other veggies in the form of a cake!

"Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!" has been designed to fill the void in the baking industry. It is a new and innovative nutritious product that has been developed in the form of cake with a cream cheese frosting.

Individual are continuously seeking new ways of finding nutrition preferably requiring little preparation time, that taste good, are all-natural.

This product appeals to consumers of all age groups. It is a particular delight for parents who encourage children to eat their veggies.

These muffins are unique and universal in their appeal, while getting almost the equivalent of a service cooked veggies; the customer is enjoying the desserts of a cake. It can be healthfully eaten at, breakfast, lunch, dinner or any snack in between.

Our variety consists of Butternut Squash, Zucchini Banana, Spinach & Yam, Broccoli (for our Broccoli lovers), and many more all natural baking products. Essentially we can mix em' any way you want em'! We all need to eat healthy, we are what we eat, now lets put some fun in it!

We have also been previewed on Fox Five News by Al Fienberg,Washington Post, "In Business", and local radio stations.

Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!" has had many requests by kids and parents to develop a healthy product to be served to our kids in schools.

We contacted USDA National Lunch Program,  http://www.fns.usda.gov/cnd/lunch/  and "The Alliance For A Healthier Generation"  http://www.healthiergeneration.org to help us understand the specific nutritional guidelines needed to develop a product that would meet these requirements.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, a joint initiative of the American Heart Association and the William J. Clinton Foundation, has established the Healthy Schools Program to support
schools in developing healthier school environments that promote healthy eating and physical activity. The Healthy Schools Program Framework for Healthier Schools outlines best practice criteria and how they translate to bronze, silver, gold and platinum award opportunities. All schools in the United States are eligible to participate in the Healthy Schools Program by taking advantage of support and tools provided by the online Healthy Schools Builder and 1-888-KID-HLTH line. As part of the recognition criteria, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation developed guidelines for competitive foods offered for sale in schools to students outside the school meal program.

Across our nation, our schools are being served processed foods that contain no health value or real nutrition due to the lack of money allowed to be spent in our school's budgets. "Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!",is proud to be one of few companies to serve our schools a product that qualifies in health nutrition and quality of taste with flexible pricing. We are a member of the Whole Grain Council, and we can proudly say there's no hidden secrets, no hidden health effects, and like the slogan goes, "There's no junk in our trunk." We use 100% whole grain flour so that our kids are not missing out on the proper grains that they need. We are one of the first companies to set a trend to health in our schools by providing our kids with a great breakfast, snack, and lunch item containing the bread, fruit, and vegetable servings that are needed daily to maintain a healthy way of eating. We are a farm to school company; this means we use fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms (seasonal), directly into our products to serve our consumers the best of the best. We are partnered with California Raisins and have been approved as a National Authorized Commodity Processor. We hold much integrity in our products and we understand that it is more than just food-- it is a way to live. We must grant our kids the health they deserve so that they may own the right to have bright futures to serve as the amazing leaders we expect them to be.


Lowry A. Martin
CEO & President
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