Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!
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Calling all Schools and Teachers!!!
"Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!"

We will visit your school or class.

We will give you an "Hour of Power" to include:

1. A discussion on healthy eating.
2. An easy quick recipe prepared before you,   developed by our "Recipe Winner of the Month"
3. "Get On Your Feet" Ten Minute Exercise Session.
4. Healthy Word Game that's "Berry Mixed Up!
5. You may have an opportunity to meet our fun Scarecrow, "The Protector of the Veggie Garden"  He has no name as of yet, we are waiting for you to name him, in our Magazine, please vote!


All recipe's are taken directly from our Magazine.

All winning recipe's  have been selected through a voting process. Kids submit healthy recipe's and vote on our site for a winner.

The final and winning recipe's are submitted to our HYCET online Recipe Magazine.  

To submit a request for HYCET to visit your school;  Please submit all requests through this request form.

Please include: School Name, Address, Phone Number, and Teacher and/or Administrative Contact. 

We Supply Healthy products to Schools,  Retail and Food Service.
Capabilities: National and International.
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